LA-Hiking: 3 T's Trail

  • Sat, September 23, 2023
  • 8:45 AM
  • 15


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Distance: 10 miles Elevation gain: 3500 ft.

Cost: $0-$40

Please read this entire description before registering for the hike! Important safety and logistical information below.

Our first truly challenging hike of 2023 will be the popular “Three T’s” trail in the eastern high country of the Angeles National Forest. The trail hits the summits of three peaks that all begin with T: Thunder, Timber, and Telegraph. Stunning views over the San Gabriel Valley and Cajon Pass, beautiful alpine landscape, and the chance to see Nelson’s bighorn sheep are all reasons to join us!

Note that this hike as described below will require you to reserve a lift ticket with Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts ($30 round-trip for non-members). Parking in the ski lift parking lot costs an additional $10. The bottom paragraph below describes some options to pay less (but hike much more!)

We will meet at the ski lift parking lot at 8:45am. You must purchase a lift ticket for 9:00 here: (and then click the Get Your Tickets button). Be sure to add the $10 parking ticket as an “Add On” to your lift ticket if you intend to park in the lot. At 9:00 we’ll get in line for the lift.

Once we’ve ridden the lift up to the Notch the hike starts. We begin on a fire road to one of the ski runs then climb the trail up to the summit of Thunder Mountain. Drop 500 feet to a saddle and then climb 800 feet to the summit of Telegraph Peak. From there it’s mostly downhill (with a short climb to the summit of Timber Mountain) over a distance of about 2 miles to Icehouse Saddle, where we will stop for lunch. After lunch we backtrack over the three peaks back to the Notch and then ride the lift back down to the parking lot.

As always on Great Outdoors hikes, we recommend having the ten essentials (list here: In particular bring lunch and snacks, enough water and electrolytes, sunscreen, and a hat if you wear one. Also bear in mind that this entire hike takes place above 7500’. If you have any history of altitude sickness and/or don’t know if you get it, we strongly advise taking medication for it ahead of time (if you know it works) or skipping this hike. Anyone experiencing symptoms of altitude sickness will be asked to return to the Notch immediately.

Reach out to Matthew Bokach at with any questions. You can see plenty of photos and a more detailed hike description here: (keeping in mind that we’re only doing a portion of the hike as described on that web page).

Cheaper options: If you’re trying to save some cash, you could take your chances with finding a parking spot in the Manker area about a half mile down the road from the ski lifts. To save the $30 lift ticket cost, you would have to walk up the road from the parking lot and meet the group at the Notch at the top of the lifts. This option adds about 7 miles of hiking and 1500’ of elevation gain round-trip. If you plan to exercise either of these options PLEASE let the trip organizer know! And also plan your timeline to meet up with the group either in the parking lot (if you park further down) or up at the Notch (if you hike up the road rather than take the lift).

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