Contact Us: Great Outdoors LA Core Group

Chapter Officers

John Butta - President

Russell Hammerl - VP of Outings (VPO)

Corrado Giovannoni/Kim Brown - Treasurer

Appointed Officers

Pamela Wegner/John Blasco - Day Activities Coordinator

John/Butta/Rob McKee - Secretary / Newsletter

Greg Buchler - Webmaster

Bryan Matsumoto - Outreach / Social Media

Steve Sisneros - Corporate Board Rep

Remember, Great Outdoors is a fully volunteer-run organization. Without Volunteers, there is no Great Outdoors!

Volunteer: Give some time back to this group you love!
If you enjoy Great Outdoors LA, consider volunteering as a trip or outing leader or officer.  With just a few hours of time you can help Great Outdoors plan new activities and thrive! Get to know your Core Group Officers.

Secretary / Outreach / Social Media

Questions? Reach out to Bryan Matsumoto, E-mail: and let's talk!

Want to help organize an outing?

Outings Leaders are always needed for hikes, campouts, social events and whatever you can dream up! 

Reach out to Pamela Wegner or John Blasco, Day Activities Coordinator E-mail: or Russell Hammerl, VP of Outings (VPO) E-mail: and they can work with you to plan an event!


Camping Leaders: The organizer gets to camp free, and can potentially have trip exploration costs reimbursed.

Officers: All Core Group Officers receive free annual Great Outdoors membership for the year(s) they serve.

Thank you volunteers for all you've done for the Great Outdoors!