Our President oversees the general operations of the club and acts as a liaison to the larger community. They also provide leadership to our Core Group, serving as chair for the general membership meetings.  This is an elected position.



Our Treasurer manages and organizes our groups finances.  She issues checks, makes camp reservations, and handles membership dues.  When not balancing the checkbook, she helps out where she can. Treasurer is an elected position. 


Vice President of Outings

Our Vice President of Outings schedules and make arrangements for our various outings and coordinates our calendar with the other chapters of Great Outdoors.  He helps coordinate other members of the Core Group.  This is an elected position.


Day Hike Coordinator / Board Representative

As Day Hike Coordinator he organizes and schedules monthly day hikes, trips, outings and other social events generally include Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  It is an appointed position.

As Corporate Board Rep he represents our Chapter at our Quarterly Great Outdoors Corporate meetings.  He represents our chapter’s views on policies, vote, and share ideas that help all our Chapters.  They also bring information about our group back to our chapter.  Corporate Board Reps are appointed positions.

About Thomas: I grew up on a ranch near Colorado Springs, Colorado and moved to Santa Barbara in 1971 to attend Brooks Institute of Photography.  Since 1989 I have been teaching art history at Santa Barbara City College.  I am eternally grateful for living in this region with its easy access to a huge variety and number of interesting and beautiful trails that provide rewarding hiking experiences.  In addition to the outdoors I enjoy great indoor activities such as museums, theatre, reading and making art.



Our Secretary records our monthly meetings and distributes the minutes to corporate and our core Group.  It is an appointed position.

About Gener: I am originally from Metro Manila, Philippines, finished high school in Atascadero, got my AA at Cuesta College in SLO and now currently living in Arroyo Grande, working as a vocational nurse (LVN) while pursuing a higher nursing degree. 

I was introduced to The Great Outdoors in 2016, and it is, by far, one of the best memberships I have ever subscribed on. The friendships I have developed, the parties I have attended, and the outdoor activities I have participated in—it’s all fantastic!

From camping to potlucks, and from holiday parties to volunteering, there are plenty of things to do. This welcoming LGBTQ outdoor group helped me get out of my shell, overcome some of my shyness and explore a little bit more about the beautiful areas of California especially right here, along the central coast. I am glad to be a part of this organization and will always cherish, the memories I make with this wonderful group.


Membership Coordinator

About Joe: I am a central coast native, born and raised. Have always loved the outdoors and camping, so finding a group like Great Outdoors was a wonderful thing for me. I have found that Great Outdoors gives me a chance to not only enjoy the many beautiful places we have here in California, but to make many new friends with some similar interests who just happen to be gay also. I love our motto, because it makes so much sense, this organization gives all the opportunity to truly get ‘out of the bars and under the stars.’ Hope to see you all at an event soon!



Our Webmaster is responsible for maintaining our chapter’s website, posting events, and emailing news blasts. It is an appointed position.

About Chris: I moved to Southern California, from Illinois, in the summer of 2003. Soon after that, I discovered the Great Outdoors. The best thing about Great Outdoors is the fun people I meet while going on trips, most of these people are my best friends. Volunteering for this outdoors group is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done, and I've held numerous positions at the chapter and Corporate level.  My favorite outside activities are snow skiing, road cycling, geocaching, and photography. I have other hobbies such as knitting, Rubik's cube, and vegetarian cooking.


Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator organizes monthly potlucks and other social events.  Our potlucks cover the entire Central Coast area, including Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  This is a very important social position within our group.  It is an appointed position.

Outreach Coordinator (Open Position)

Our Outreach Coordinator seeks guest speakers, organizes events and reaches out to other groups.  They also supply our kiosks at bars, resource centers and other locations in our area.  It is an appointed position.


Members At Large

If you have any questions for the SBVC Chapter, email us at: info-sbvc@greatoutdoors.org

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