California Great Outdoors, Inc., is a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation organized under California's Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law.  We incorporated in 1981 and we are a not-for-profit Federal IRS 501(c)7 tax exempt organization (TIN 95-3860122). We are also exempt from California State FTB taxes. Generally, our membership dues are not tax deductible on personal returns.  Members who run a business should check with their tax advisor to determine if our dues can be classified as a business expense.

We are an all volunteer club and we have five Chapters serving regions throughout Southern California. Club membership entitles privileges to all events, activities and discounts sponsored by any of the Great Outdoors Chapters.

We elect or appoint members to our Board of Directors and we follow established By-laws.  

a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit, all-volunteer LGBTQIA+ and Allies organization dedicated to the enjoyment of the outdoors. All rights reserved. Privacy policy