Upstairs Inferno - Movie Night

6 photo(s) Updated on: Tue, April 02, 2019

Thank you all who came and helped out at our movie night 'Upstairs Inferno' in downtown Santa Barbara!

A well attended event that was both informative, moving and insightful; coupled with the unique experience of meeting the 'Co-father' of Great Outdoors, Paul Breton.

The movie shed light on the gay world over 40 years ago, how the tragedy was never fully investigated, that the deaths were not really taken seriously from the 'outside world', but how the gay community of that time rallied and started 'coming out.'  Paul Breton says it was from these events that we became stronger, more vocal and unified.

Great Outdoors was one of those early organizations that was created to help support and empower us in creating a sense of 'community'.

But Paul had a warning too, in speaking about our current state of affairs; saying that with all our success and freedoms we enjoy today, we're also in danger of losing that sense of 'community' as evidenced in seeing the closing of gay bars, the discontinuance of many gay social clubs and support organizations... and those that are still around are struggling or trying to 'blend in' or be mainstream.

Because of this, we should never assume our freedoms will always be here, and we need to continue to be watchful, engaged and vigilant so that we are not in danger of losing our 'sense of community'.

Spoken from a true and original gay activist!


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