The following are our current policies (we are working on updating this page)... click on the policy name to open the file.

 Area Policy (Date Adopted/Revised) - Click On Policy Name To View
Code Of Conduct Firearms Policy (7/23/2019)
Code Of Conduct  Nude/Clothing Optional Policy (09/27/2016)
 COVID GOPS Events (4/26/2022) repealed as to outdoor events o 3/28/23; applies to indoor events when requested
 Finance  Annual GO Conference Delegate Reimbursement (10/20/2010)
 Finance  Annual GO Conference Mileage Reimbursement (01/19/2011)
 Finance  Budget Authority For Site Reservations (06/26/2018)
 Finance  Electronic Bill Payments (11/24/2015)
 Finance  Reserve Fund ($3,000) (7/18/2017)
 Membership  Incentives For Members  (12/18/2018; amended 5/23/23) 
 Membership  Dues - Members (6/18/2014)
 Membership  Dues - Promotional Code For New Members (10/17/2012)
 Newsletter  Distribution (2/27/2018)
 Newsletter  Member Ads In Newsletters (4/17/2013)
 Outings & Trips  Break Even Philosophy (6/18/2014)
 Outings & Trips Cancellation Fee (06/26/2018)

More to follow soon...

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