LA-OCLB - Proud! Fest and Beach Streets

  • Sat, May 20, 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Bixby Park, 101 Junipero Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803


  • $ 5 will partially cover the cost of breakfast with the Shoreline Frontrunners

Registration is closed


Saturday, May 20, 2023
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM or later


Meet at Bixby Park,
101 Junipero Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

*See map near bottom for Saturday street closures.

Look for the Shoreline Frontrunners pop-up tent where we will also have our Great Outdoors pop-up banner visible.


What is better than being PROUD and OUT?

Being PROUD and OUTdoors!

And, what do the Great Outdoors, Shoreline Frontrunners, and Beach Streets have in common?  Getting OUT!

Two GREAT OUTDOORS chapters, Los Angeles and Orange County / Long Beach have teamed up to be present at this year's FIRST annual Long Beach PROUD event.  G.O., along with Shoreline Frontrunners will share a booth and have coffee and breakfast for all our members.  So, PLEASE sign up soon so we can plan accordingly!

More than just getting members together and joining forces, this is also an opportunity to grow our memberships and show our community that we are here for their health, wellness, and camaraderie.

So come, join us on this first annual Long Beach PROUD event.


This is a unique co-hosted Great Outdoors outing brought to you by the GO OC/LB  and LA Chapters.

LB Proud! Fest also coincides with BEACH STREETS put on by the City of Long Beach where the Broadway corridor is closed to cars and open to walkers/bicycles/skaters.  There will be music, food, booths, and plenty of merriment and gaiety (that's where we come in)!  

As you will gather from the itinerary below, there will be plenty of options for us to group together and explore our great city and community.

Driving Tip:  Map below shows which streets will be closed to cars for the Saturday Beach Streets event. 


0900 AM - Pre-event OPTIONAL:  For the earlier birds among us who'd like to get in some extra steps for the day, join the Shoreline Frontrunners/walkers at 0900 AM for their regular run/walk along the ocean (meet at Ocean Blvd. and Redondo Ave.).    See the link for more information about Shoreline Frontrunners and the 0900 AM run/walk:

1100 AM - Join GO LA-OCLB at the Shoreline Frontrunners tent area for a light breakfast

This is the official starting time and a spot for our GO LA and OCLB events. We are co-hosting this breakfast, so PLEASE RSVP sooner than later.  Wear your Great Outdoors t-shirt if you have one or your Proud apparel.  Here is where we will kick off our fun-filled social outing and launch the Proud and Pride seasons for 2023!

12:30 ish: - After meeting with the Shoreline Frontrunners we will walk, bike, or skate in groups from Bixby Park along Beach Street to Downtown Long Beach and back (about 2.5 miles round trip).

2:30 ish: - Return for relaxation, drinks, and enjoying music at the Proud Fest in Bixby Park.


Please carpool, if possible.  Parking can be time-consuming to locate. If you would like a ride or could provide a ride, please email John Blasco at and John will share your email, general location, and phone number if you'd like to share with others who respond as interested in carpooling.  As Great Outdoors members we strive to do our part to reduce traffic and parking congestion and help protect the environment.  

Parking will be on the street. Due to the street closures we strongly recommend ridesharing/carpooling or travel by Metro/Long Beach Transit. The best parking will probably be east of Junipero and south of Broadway in the Bluff Park residential neighborhood.


Registration is open for up to 30 people. You must register in advance via the GOLA or GO OCLB websites to partake in the breakfast. Please also sign up for carpooling if you can.

Cost: $ 5 (to partially cover the cost of breakfast with the Shoreline Frontrunners)

Trip Leaders

John Blasco:  562-981-4133
Robert Sandoval:  323-829-1963

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Note:  This event is posted twice, one for the GOLA members and one for the OCLB members.

Both chapters will convene and check in at the Shoreline Frontrunners booth.

Please only sign up once on either roster.

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