PS- Zion National Park, Watchman Campground 17 May 2018

  • Thu, May 17, 2018

Save the date! More information to follow.

For those who like to plan ahead, some tips:

1. You may want to consider staying in Las Vegas on the way to and from Zion. Rooms are inexpensive on Wednesday and Sunday nights (but they do tack on a resort fee). You can drive to Vegas after work on Wednesday, and come home on Monday to avoid the weekend traffic.

2. There will be no RV's or Trailers on this trip. A good portion of the campground (loop B) is closed for roadwork while we're there, and the remaining loop (loop A) appears to be booked solid, The sites are being released one day at a time, and only the single day is reservable at the booking window. You can try and get your own but remember, it is available only one day at at time! You would have to book 3 different reservations, and if someone grabs your site before you, you're getting booted.

All of that being said, just plan on a tent! Or, there is another RV park just outside Zion, and you can try there - click here,

Please click here  to read all about this trip hosted by our Los Angeles Chapter.

Note: GO-PS members will need to register on the hosting Chapter's website for this trip. Your registration information there will be separate from your GO-PS information. Paid members of the GO-PS Chapter do not need to pay an additional $25 for a GO membership.

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