LA - Pirate Camp Catalina at Two Harbors!

  • Thu, October 06, 2022
  • Sun, October 09, 2022
  • Two Harbors, Catalina Island


  • Early bird pricing through Sept. 20!

    Cost includes group tent cabin rental for 3 nights/4 days, plus your 3-day Buccaneer Days event ticket.

    Price goes up to $235 on Sept. 21. Please be sure to read the cancellation policy, thanks!

Registration is closed


A pirate weekend on Catalina Island?! Sounds like a parrr-ty!

Join us for Buccaneer Days, the 32nd annual pirate-themed weekend that takes over Catalina’s rustic Two Harbors village for a legendary 3-day party. And for the first time ever, Great Outdoors LA plans to gay up this typically straight pirate-and-wench-fest!!  We have planned a relaxing and raucous weekend!

See: Buccaneer Days Promo Video (2018).

Weekend festivities include:

  • Relaxing island nature, swimming, hiking, kayaking, ocean views
  • Group tent cabins, shower
  • 3 nights of DJs and live bands
  • Treasure hunt & costume contest!

Come in your finery or walk the plank!

Me hearties, get yarrgh outfits ready! Unleash your inner wench or Captain Hook drag. But come on ye gays, let’s get creative! – what about Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Wendy? Let’s show these straighties what a real costume parrghty looks like… Be a pirate ship! A skeleton! A lobster? Little Marrghrmaid? Skull & crossbones on rainbow flags? Get to werk!  Treasure chests, gold doubloons, riches and finery, this is arrrrrrrrrrgh time to shine, mateys!


Your Captain, Bryan “Booty Plunderer” Matsumoto has charted this island expedition, and invite ye to set sail for Two Harbors, the rustic port of Catalina Island. It takes some effort,  but she be worth it!

Island wenches from our previous Catalina campout!

Two Harbors Campground - Tent cabins

Avast ye seamen! Our campground is on a bluff with an ocean view. We have booked 4 tent cabins for 24 pirate campers. Each site has:

  • A simple canvas & wood enclosure with 6 army-style cots
  • A porch, shade structure, picnic table, fire pit with cooking grate
  • Coleman 2-burner cooking stove with propane
  • Water faucet sink, porta-potty toilets
  • Free open-air (cold water) shower. (For hot showers, walk to the village)

This allows us to enjoy our own group campground, away from the event area in the village.  So you can relax whenever you want, and check out the entertainment as you like.  (If we had opted to tent camp, then we would have to bring all our camping gear, and be surrounded by tons of other people).

Two Harbors village (10 min walk) has a few amenities:

  • The ferry pier & Visitor Services:  Arrange for gear haul, extra firewood, propane delivery, questions.
  • General Store: Sells food, beverages, alcohol, camping items, souvenirs ($$ island prices)
  • Restaurant & barThere is a fast food burger restaurant, a casual restaurant, a bar, and much more gruel & grog will be set up for this event. Expect lines however. Bringing some of your own food will save on costs & waiting. Cocktails include the famous "Buffalo Milk" (Kahula, creme de cocoa, vodka & whipped cream).
  • Restroom: Faucets, flush toilets and coin-operated hot showers (bring quarters/cash; there is a change machine)
  • Dive & Recreation Center: Rental kayaks, mountain bikes, snorkel gear, etc. May go quickly because of the weekend, so reserve once we get to the island.

Outdoor Activities: There will be plenty of time to enjoy the island's nature. We will have some optional organized activities, but you are also free to spend your time as you wish on this trip.

  • Beach time: Swimming, snorkeling, lounging, just below our campground

  • Short hiking trails: Explore the isthmus trail to see the other side of the island.

  • Long hiking trails: 12 miles RT to Little Harbor on the other side of the island, secluded beach

  • Kayaking: Rentals available

  • Snorkeling: Bring your own gear or rental 

Buccaneer Days event entertainment: Thar be a full schedule of DJs, bands, treasure hunt and costume contest. Feel free to parrrghty, or just relax back at camp!

 Pics from our previous Catalina campout


Thursday, October 6

  • Depart: San Pedro, via Catalina Express ferry  (at your booked time, see below) (1 to 1-1/2 hours at sea) Arrive: Catalina Island, Two Harbors Village.

  • Check-in time is 2:00 pm. If you arrive early, enjoy the village and beach.
  • Settle in at camp, meet folks, relax, explore island, beach.
  • 5 pm:  Group dinner "Gruel & Grog" at our campground. Our first meet & greet meal will be provided and we will discuss plans for the weekend.  BYO drinks.
  • Entertainment @ Two Harbors Village: DJs & bands

Friday, October 7

  • Optional hike, beach time, swimming, kayak/scuba rental, read, explore island
  • Meals to be determined by group. Group potluck TBD, will coordinate campers ahead of time.
  • Entertainment @ Two Harbors Village: DJs & bands

Saturday, October 8

  • Optional hike, beach time, swimming, kayak/scuba rental, read, explore island
  • Meals on own (can coordinate as a group, cook separately or eat out)
  • Entertainment @ Two Harbors Village: DJs and bands, Treasure Hunt, Costume Contest

Sunday, October 9

  • Lazy morning, enjoy making breakfast or meals to be determined by group
  • Check-out of cabins by 11:00 am.
  • Relax on beach or at village until your scheduled ferry departure


Baggage tip! Allen here brought his backpacking pack, a duffle, and a rolling cooler to bring the max amount of stuff comfortably. You can see this is the 10 minute walk down to the village and ferry pier. It is uphill coming to the campground. (You can opt to pay for gear haul if you want)

What to bring: 

  • Sleeping bag, swim suit, towel, costumes/outfits! Clothes for warm days and cool or warm nights.  10 essentials including hat, sunscreen. Toiletries, shampoo/soap, earplugs, head lamp.

  • Optional: Rolling cooler with food & drink, wine & cheese, etc. BYO alcohol (drink responsibly please). Plate, utensils, cup. Tip: Pre-meal-plan with your friends or cabin: who will bring cooler, ingredients, what to cook as a group. 

  • Optional: Camp chair, book, games, power bank to charge electronics, decor.

  • Optional: Gear haul is available for $6 per item, round trip. You can arrange this at Visitor Services at the pier. A truck will bring your baggage from the pier to the campground, and on departure day, back to the pier. But don’t bring the kitchen sink… you still have to carry your gear from the ferry to the end of the pier!

  • We have ordered some firewood and propane gas, and can order more as needed.

  • Please read the extensive ferry travel policies, baggage restrictions and travel restrictions, including Tips for Campers. 


  • The fee for this trip is more than our typical campouts because of island prices. It includes the group tent cabin for 3 nights/4 days, plus your 3-day Buccaneer Days event ticket at a group rate. 
  • Trips are open to paid Great Outdoors members. If not currently a member, simply register here to begin your $25 one year membership (select Los Angeles chapter). Then, return to this page and register for the trip. Each person going must complete a separate registration, to acknowledge our liability waiver condition.

Separate expenses on your own:
  • Buy your ferry ticket: 

    • Our camping + event fee does not include your ferry ticket. Everyone must purchase and reserve their own ferry ticket to the island and back.
    • Once your trip registration is confirmed, simply book online at   or call (800) 613-1212. (Adult up to 54 yrs: $83, Senior (55+ yrs): $76
    • Select departure from SAN PEDRO, arrival to TWO HARBORS.

    • Most of us will want to depart 10/6 on the earliest ferry, and return 10/9 on the late afternoon ferry. (You are free to reserve what works for your schedule, for example if you need to arrive Friday)

    • Masks are required while aboard the boat.

  • Parking:
    • Directions: Catalina Express 95 Berth, San Pedro, CA 90731

    • The ferry terminal parking lot charges $20/day. That adds up.  Try our group carpool website to coordinate a carpool so you can split the fee.

    • Or find street parking several blocks away. Arrive early to drop off your things with someone, then park and walk back. 

    • Long Beach Transit drops off at the Ferry terminal. Or Lyft/Uber.

  • Meals, drinks.  

Vaccine requirement:

Please send your proof of Covid-19 vaccination & booster to Corrado at since we’re sleeping in shared quarters (How to get the new booster!)

We also encourage you to get the free Monkeypox vaccine if you are in a risk category - it’s easy. See LA County Public Health’s website for latest information. Protect yourself and the community!

Trip Cancellation and Waitlist Policy:

Please read carefully. If you register, pay and later must cancel, please understand that due to the reservation costs of this trip:

  • If canceled by September 20, a full refund is possible. 

  • Between September 21-30, a partial $150 refund is possible. 

  • After September 30, no refunds can be issued. 

  • However, a full refund may be issued if you can find another person to take your place, or if the vacancy can be filled from the waitlist.

If you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP, so we can notify the next person on the waitlist. Please email the trip leaders: Bryan , and Corrado

Landlubbers: Practice ye pirate lingo

Shiver me timbers, there’s limited space, so heave ho!

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