CORP - Online Training - Outdoor Experiences

  • Sat, January 30, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom online


  • This is for hike/trip leaders who have prior certification and would like to attend as a refresher. No fee to attend

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      Hike Leader and/or Trip Leader  

January 30, 2021 10 AM is a check-in date. We will provide additional information including self-study materials/videos.

Leadership training courses provide the fundamentals including screening participants, risk management, leadership styles, trip planning, managing a group, organizational rules, dealing with an emergency, conservation practice, etc.

We will be using Zoom for multiple media presentations along with our training manuals with reading/study material for self study. Online discussion of  actual real life situations and scenarios. Group discussions and collaboration will be emphasized. We will spread the sessions out over different times with flexible schedules.

The dates and times will be adjusted to accommodate users. 

Estimated registration fee is $5 for one or $10 for both sections. No fee for certified leaders if attending  for refresher update. Any fee will be collected at a later date.


    Click Here to View Manual

    Be a Hike Leader!  Not just someone who knows the way, but someone who applies safety, best practices, fun, and local knowledge to make a successful outing. In addition to the course outline we will discuss any issues with past hikes and plan for future hikes. We will review basic hike leader procedures and techniques and latest technology and information.  Completing this course will provide participants with Day Hike Leader Certification. Also a good refresher for hike leaders.

    Hike Leader Syllabus

    Prerequisites: Great Outdoors member (click here to join). The course is  for anyone interested in becoming a hiker leader, learning more about leading effective hikes, or becoming a more confident and capable hiker.

    This Hike Leader Certification course is for hikers who are interested in learning new skills as well as experienced hike leaders  who are looking to update or refresh their outdoor leadership skills. It is suitable for all ranges of hiker abilities, from novice up to very experienced hikers.

    Objectives: Introduce participants to the skills, knowledge and attitudes of a trained hike leader, including appropriate risk management for day hikes. Present skills for leading a safe, environmentally responsible and enjoyable hike.

    Content/Topics Covered:  Hike planning, description, screening participants, trail group management, emergency management, medical issues on the trail, map reading and navigation, outdoor techniques, environmental protection, practical problem solving on a class group hike exercise.

    Course Format: The training includes online instruction and presentations with Q & A trail-based scenarios.

    Pre-Course Assignment:  Review training manuals.

    Course Length/Hours: TBD  Flexible dates and time

    Resources Required by Participant: Zoom application

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    One of the premier features of Great Outdoors is overnight trips. As a leader you will propose, research and design overnight trips. You will manage and administer the trip using leadership and group management skills. Completing this course will provide participants with Trip Leadership Certification.

    Course Outline:

    • Create a new trip or update a former trip.

    • Planning, scouting, securing reservations.

    • Finances and budget.

    • Create a trip description and promotion.

    • Secure all logistics including any permits, and support staff as necessary.

    • Communicate with participants to provide information and answer questions.

    • Conducting your trip, safety issues, group management issues - preventing and solving.

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    Schedule: TBA 

    Course Preparation: We will send you a link to the Outdoor Experience Training Manuals. You are encouraged to review the material ahead of time. Printed copy of the manual, along with additional documents and information  available upon request.


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