PS - Save Oswit Canyon Fundraiser

  • Wed, October 30, 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Palm Springs


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Save Oswit Canyon 

If you want to  help save this unique and valuable canyon, you are invited to attend a fundraiser hosted by GO member Mark F. at his beautiful house and garden.

Address will be provided with registration confirmation. You are encouraged to bring others.

Their exquisite garden is  included  on the Modern Garden Tour February 2020. 


"Oswit Canyon is a spectacular canyon in Palm Springs, CA that is home to endangered bighorn sheep, mountain lions, migratory birds and other wildlife. A developer owns 114 acres on the alluvial fan adjacent to the canyon. They want to destroy it by building several hundred homes on it. The developer finally (after a 3 year battle) agreed to sell the land if we can raise the funds by December 31, 2019. This is a public/private venture. We’ve gathered together the majority of the funding needed from public funds (8 million). But we have a gap of 600,000 dollars left. That’s where you come in. Join us! Help save this unique canyon."

Oswit Canyon is on S. Palm Canyon adjacent to the Canyon Heights neighborhood and the south trailhead for the S. Lykken Trail.

Save Oswit Canyon which will preserve this area in perpetuity for public use and enjoyment. Save Oswit Canyon, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization (EIN 83-2006672) that exists solely to save the canyon. 

If funding goal is not achieved, all donations will be returned to the donors.

 You can learn more here: .

It takes tens of thousands of years for an alluvial fan to form, and the Oswit Cone in South Palm Springs is one of the top eco-tourist destinations in Palm Springs, bringing in thousands of hikers, photographers, artists and nature lovers every year from around the world.

Unfortunately, this very last undeveloped alluvial fan was slated for a massive housing development. We took it upon ourselves to prevent the permanent destruction of this geological, historical and biologically unique place in our city.


  • The S. Lykken Trail and Oswit Canyon are prime ecotourist destinations in Palm Springs that draw thousands annually. Development here would remove them forever.

  • This area is home to endangered Peninsular Bighorn sheep, and other flora and fauna unique to this area.

  • Development of this alluvial fan would result in the building of a massive 1/4 mile long retention dam at the back of the development. It would permanently scar the land.

  • Decrease home values both during and after construction.

  • Increased noise and dust.

  • Another possible failed development after the destruction of the canyon.

  • Increased light pollution.


There are multiple ways to donate. Click here.

View photos of our past hikes in Oswit: Click Here

News article click here and here for Desert Sun

For questions about the event, contact Scott Connelly, email click here

Watch for opportunities to hike into Oswit Canyon.

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