LA - 🌈 Pride Hike This Sunday! Gould Mesa Trailhead to Brown Mountain Dam

  • Sun, June 16, 2024
  • 9:15 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Gould Mesa Trailhead along Highway 2


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Just announced: Join our Pride Hike this Sunday! We're going back to Gould Mesa Trailhead > Gabrielino Trail > the Arroyo Seco and Brown Mountain Dam since it was so popular last month (our May 14 hike). With LA warming up, the water and shade will feel great, and we want to introduce our community partners to this beautiful hike! 

Rejuvenate with flowing water and stream crossings under the shade of cottonwood and big-leaf maple trees. Discover a surprise waterfall in your Angeles National Forest and newly declared San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, and celebrate Nature’s healing safe space with community!

We'll be joined by Nature for All (amazing outdoor equity organization), and Somos Familia Valle (wonderful LGBTQ resource center in the San Fernando Valley). Free Subway sandwiches will be provided for all registered, courtesy of Nature for All!  Fashion theme: It's a hike, but make it Pride! Colorful, festive, fabulous!

Yes it’s on Father’s Day, sorry for schedule conflicts. But Daddies are welcome. And Mommies !)

Description: Moderately strenuous 6-mile round trip hike, Total elevation gain: 820 ft.

  • We hike downhill 1.2 miles to Gould Mesa campground where a pit toilet is available.
  • Then we hike 1.6 miles through the relatively flat, mostly shaded canyon along the Gabrielino Trail, with 8 wet stream crossings of the Arroyo Seco. (The water is flowing, it's not "seco" (dry) right now!)
  • We end at the Brown Mountain Dam waterfall to relax for lunch.
  • We return the same way. The end is 1.2 miles uphill/550 ft. elevation back to the cars.

"Hiking to the Brown Mountain Dam waterfall quickly transports you from suburban LA to a natural wonderland. You'll follow the Arroyo Seco, a lifeline watershed, into the Angeles National Forest, to the hidden waterfall at the abandoned Brown Mountain Dam. The shaded trail passes ruins, secluded picnic areas, and beautiful willows, oaks, and sycamores." - Hiking Guy website


9:15 Meet at Gould Mesa Trailhead

9:30 Start hike 

12 pm Lunch (provided)

12:45/1 pm Hike back

3/3:30 pm Back at cars


Gould Mesa trailhead is just above the City of La Cañada Flintridge, along Highway 2 right before it enters the Angeles National Forest/San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.

Google Map

The small trailhead turnout parking has 7-10 spaces. If it is full, go a little further up the highway, and park on the opposite side, very large turnout. (See image) Walk carefully back and cross the street at a safe location where drivers can see you, not at the curve! Keep all valuables out of sight. Carpooling highly encouraged!

Hike description on All Trails.


  • Plenty of water (at least 32 oz/1 L). There is no water available.
  • Sun protection: Hat, long sleeves, sunscreen
  • Small bag/backpack if needed, wipes, hand sanitizer, any personal needs/snacks
  • Optional: Hiking poles if you want help for stream crossings and uphill return

About shoes/water sandals:

Bring shoes you don't mind getting fully wet, or water sandals. We will likely all get our shoes wet walking through the stream crossings. The water is not strong, but flows above shoe height. Perfect if you have water sandals. But fine to walk with shoes.

Shoes for any hike, including this one, should not have smooth bottoms. Some grip is preferred, since trails, wet rocks and surfaces can be slippery. Trail running shoes are my favorite since they are light, grippy and well ventilated. Water also runs out of them. We don’t recommend waterproof shoes for this hike, because water may go in the top and stay inside the shoe. 

On this trail I (Bryan) wear shoes until the first stream crossing. Then I change to water sandals for the rest of the hike.



  • It’s a Pride Hike! Colorful fabulousness encouraged! Bring your Pride flags, ribbons, accessorize!
  • But also, lightweight, quick dry fabrics are recommended for hiking
  • Depends on your comfort: shorts are fine, or lightweight long pants if you don’t like overgrown plants
  • The downhill and return uphill two miles of the hike are exposed (no shade) so sun protection (hats/sleeves) are recommended. The rest of the hike is partially shaded.

Pets: Pets are welcome in the Angeles National Forest, but in consideration of other visitors and for your pet's safety and the protection of wildlife, all pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length at all times and under the control of the owner. Please bring doggie bags and clean up any of their waste. 

Poison oak: As with many trails, poison oak is growing along the edges. Learn to identify this itchy plant. "Leaves of three, let it be!" We will point it out so you know what it looks like.

Health Problems/allergies: It is the responsibility of participants to carry on their person a record of significant allergies, medications and medical history in the event of a medical emergency, and talk to a trip organizer before to confirm appropriateness of your ability & participation.

Hike leader: Bryan Matsumoto, Cell: (626) 246-8634

Please register (free!) so we have a head count! Happy Pride!

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