OCLB - Urban Walk at the Los Angeles State Historic Park

  • Sun, August 18, 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 1315 N Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
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  • 1315 N Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012


Great Outdoors Orange County/Long Beach Chapter


Urban Walk in the Niguel Botanical Preserve

Date Sunday, August 18, starting at 10:00 AM

Contact: Frederick Brown E-mail: fredincal346@gmail.com Phone: 562-754-1838

The estimated time for this outing is two to four hours, depending on how much time participants spend at each of the sites. Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing. Bring a liter of water, sunscreen and a brimmed hat.

Information from the park's website:


Historic Pavers

Hidden under Los Angeles State Historic Park are indelible remnants of the commercial power of this former rail yard. Archaeological investigation and park construction revealed thousands of hand chiseled 19th century granite paving stones. Railroad workers installed these “cobbles” as an all-weather surface to help expedite the round-the-clock delivery and distribution activities at the Southern Pacific Railroad’s River Station freight house. Today, several original sections of the commercial “roadway” are exposed and integrated into the park landscape providing visitors a chance to retrace the steps of those that brought this site to life for well over a century.

Zanja Madre

What you see is an aerial view of an exposed segment of the brick-encased Zanja Madre. Literally the “mother ditch,” the zanja madre was the initial earthen-walled ditch that carried water from the Los Angeles River to the plaza of El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

The Spanish-colonial settlers and local Native Americans constructed it beginning in 1791, making it Los Angeles’ first public works project. During the 19th century the system of earthen ditches grew to nearly 50 miles in length, later being enclosed in brick to improve sanitation and reduce evaporation. By the turn of the century, Los Angeles had outgrown its zanjas, installing modern distribution systems and tapping water sources far from the region in the Owens Valley.

Roundhouse & River Station Shops

Today, the 14-foot wide elevated walkway traces the outside perimeter of the historic River Station Roundhouse site. Built in the 1880’s, the roundhouse surrounded a 75-foot diameter turntable used to place locomotives into one of the many roundhouse repair stalls. The roundhouse was one of the most prominent buildings of the maintenance facility that dominated the station until it moved across the Los Angeles River in 1903. The shops also included a coaling dock, woodhouse, blacksmith shop, machine shop, paint shop, and transfer table, all for maintaining the Southern Pacific’s fleet of engines and rolling stock. In the 1890’s, the River Station employed some 300 workers, making it the City’s largest employer.

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Getting Here

LASHP is located next to the Metro A (Blue) Line Chinatown station. The park is located just 1 mile away from Los Angeles Union Station, making it accessible from several routes."

For those who wish to take the Metro A (Blue) Line from Long Beach, I will be at the Willow Station at 8:30 AM to ride the train leaving at 8:42 AM and arriving at Chinatown Station at 9:40 AM.


Parking is available in LASHP’s main lot at $2 per hour or $8 per day. There is also free street parking near the park but pay close attention to no-parking & anti-gridlock zones.

Dogs Welcome

Dogs are welcome at LASHP.
Per park policy, please keep them leashed at all times."

Click here for the google map of the park's location.

A number of restaurants are nearby the park for those who wish to have lunch after the walk.

Contact: Frederick Brown E-mail: fredincal346@gmail.com Phone: 562-754-1838

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