PS - Bike Ride - Tram Road / Breakfast / Las Palmas Tour

  • Wed, December 14, 2022
  • 6:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Palm Springs


  • Meeting Location: Vista Las Palmas
  • Duration:  About 4 hours
  • Distance: About 13 miles 
  • Pace: Slow (primarily, up the Tram Rd)
  • Difficulty: VERY STRENUOUS! -- Total Elevation: About 1,700ft
  • Bike Leader: David Stewart

This is a unique, vigorous adventure--for bikers who are 'physically fit.' I will provide a FREE breakfast at a local restaurant ONLY for those who make it to the Tram's Security Checkpoint. 

NOTE: eBikes do NOT qualify for a free meal. Also, an adequate bike lock is required. 

The start of this ride is from where I live and while heading to the Tram Road, we'll go through some lovely areas within Las Palmas. When arriving to the base of the Tram Road, we will take a break near the Visitor's Center before a very vigorous ride up the road. 

NOTE: If, for whatever reason you cannot continue while ascending, PLEASE STOP and turn around. Control the downhill speed with mostly your rear brakes. 

Everyone is to finally meet near the Visitor's Center (depending on your turn around point, the wait time could be 45 minutes or more). Then, on to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, we will go through another section of Las Palmas before arriving back to our starting point.

Be sure to inflate your tires to the recommended PSI. All riders are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet. You may want to bring a tire pump, spare tube, bike tools, water and sunscreen.    

All biking rules and regulations will be acknowledged.

Poor weather and/or road conditions cancels this bike ride.

Please call 760-320-2774 or email David at for inquiries.

Special COVID Related Requirements

This event requires all attendees to be fully vaccinated.

Health Problems/allergies  Discuss any medical concerns with the hike leader that may affect your ability to complete the hike. 

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