OCLB - Tour of the Art of the Metro B (Red) Line

  • Sat, November 06, 2021
  • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Starting at the North Hollywood Metro Station
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  • Tour of the Art of the Metro B )Red) Line

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The Metro Art Docent Council in conjunction with the Orange County/Long Beach Chapter of Great Outdoos presents:

Docent Led Tour of the Art of the Metro B (Red) Line

November 6, 2021, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Contact: Frederick Brown E-mail: fredincal346@gmail.com Phone: 562-754-1838

For people going from Long Beach, we will meet at the Willow Station at 8:45 AM and ride on the 9:11 A (Blue) Line train arriving at the North Hollywood Station at 10:22 AM after changing to the B (Red) line at the 7th and Metro Station.. There are coffee places near the station. (But, remember, there are not places to use the bathroom, until we get to North Hollywood Station.)

Click here for the map for the Willow Station parking garage and click here for the map for the North Hollywood parking area.

The art in the stations of the Los Angeles Metro Rail system reflects the neighborhoods and history of each location. While the majority of Metro's budget goes towards construction and transit operator programs, the Metro Board policy mandates that 0.5% of Metro Rail construction costs go towards funding public art.

We will start at the North Hollywood Station. The colors reflect the historic agriculture of the area with hues of orange, grapefruit, lemons and peaches. In side, approximately 4,000 square feet of painted tiles arranged in large discs represent the culture, businesses, agriculture and history of the area.

Our second stop will visit the Universal Studios Station. It is located at the site of the Campo de Cahuenga where Commander in Chief of the Mexican Forces, Andres Pico, surrendered to General Freemont putting an end to the Mexican-American War and making California part of the United States 

Descending into the station are tiles outlining the time line of key dates in the history of the area. In the station itself, the columns are stylized pepper trees reflecting the trees that once lined Lankersheim Boulevard. The trunks are adorned with approximately 1,000 painted tiles which outine the history until the surrender at the Campo de Cahuenga.

The third stop will be the Hollywood Highland Station. This station reflects the area around it, celebrating nearby theaters (Dolby, Chinese, El Captian, Egyptian) and the Hollywood Bowl. The opening to the station is marked by a soaring canopy, reminscent of the marquees of classic theaters. 

Unfortunately the light show over the descent into the station no longer works. The art and architecture at the platform reflect two perspectives. The artist stated that the art is "Underground Girl" and the architect called it "The Belly of the Beast."

Our last station is the Hollywood/Vine Station. “What evolved, in searching for design elements and solutions for this station, was the implication of Hollywood as a dream factory for world culture. The ingredients were light and power, fantasy and enchantment, glitz and glitter. The theater was the extension and satellite of Hollywood's pervasive influence everywhere.” Gilbert “Magu” Lujan & Adolfo Miralles.

Click here for tips on riding Metro.


  • Metro Art tours take about 2 hours and are approximately 90% walking; there are elevators and escalators in all of the stations.
  • The Docents distribute TAP cards that are pre-loaded with an all-day pass allowing tour participants to ride the Metro Rail & Bus system for free (except for the Union Station Art + Architecture tours). Attendees may keep the TAP cards and reload them for future use. (The trip leader is expecting to obtain the free passes. (In the even that the passes are not available, attendees may purchase a tap card with a day pass.)
  • Docents use voice amplifiers and wear bright orange safety vests for easy identification.
  • There are no public restrooms available in the stations but there are restrooms available to the public at Union Station and the Hollywood/Highland shopping complex as well as various businesses along the routes.
  • Groups of 10+ people can make special reservations with a minimum of three weeks advance notice. 

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