PS - Hike: Suicide Rock

  • Tue, November 26, 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Deer Springs Trailhead Santa Rosa Mountains
  • 7


Registration is closed


We will reschedule sometime in the Spring.

This hike is recognized as a great way to immerse yourself in the San Jacinto wilderness while enjoying views of Strawberry Valley and surrounding peaks. 

  • Meet location: Hunters, Palm Springs at 7:30 AM. Map click here.
  • Alternate location: San Jacinto Ranger Station, 54270 Pine Crest Ave, Idyllwild at 9:00 AM. Map click here.
  • Time: 7:30 AM at Hunters, or 9:00 AM at Ranger Station in Idyllwild with parking permit purchased from Ranger Station Idyllwild.
  • Distance/elevation: 8 miles out and back with 1,800 feet elevation gain topping at 7,440’
  • Terrain: Dirt, rocky trail
  • Hiking Time: 2.5 hours up, lunch break, 2 hours down.
  • Difficulty: Moderate Plus due to altitude, distance, and grade. Please be comfortable with your ability to undertake this hike.
  • Hiking Requirements - you will need to be in good physical condition for this hike.  Click here for more information.

A dubious legend proclaims that a Native American couple were prohibited from being together, so they jumped from Suicide Rock together rather than live apart. We’re aiming to avoid adding to the legend with any mishaps on this hike. So come prepared with the Ten Essentials (click here) , at least 2 liters of water, and since bugs have been reported on the trail, make sure your insect repellent is fresh. Bring trail snacks/lunch, sun protection and layered clothing are recommended. Carry Emergency Contact Information (ICE). Trekking poles may be helpful. Sturdy hiking footwear with good tread and adequate drinking water are required.

Trail Description: About a mile north of Idyllwild, along Highway 243, lies one of San Jacinto’s more underused but well-maintained routes along the mountain’s west face: Deer Springs Trail. Starting at 5,600 feet, the trail climbs 4,400 feet through diverse forests. Surrounded by spindly, lifeless trees at the bottom, you’ll wander through spiky coulter pines, western red cedar and fairytale-like madrones, arriving in a forest of Jeffrey pines, their trunks reminiscent of dry, cracked earth, and dancing sugar pines at the top. Along the way, you’ll cross Strawberry and Suicide Rock junctions, and a route to San Jacinto Peak.

Contact Hike Leader: Spencer Ballard EMAIL

Carpooling is encouraged and may be available if offered by driver. You are responsible for arranging you own transportation or ride share. Arrive a few minutes early for briefing and carpooling. Suggested carpool donation $10

Weather Policy: Inclement weather cancels

Health Problems/allergies  Discuss any medical concerns with the hike leader that may affect your ability to complete the hike.

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