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The Getty Villa, 2017

Mineral King Backpack, 2017

Margaret Lakes Backpack, 2017

Mount San Jacinto, 2017

Ruby Lake, Little Lakes, Hilton Lakes and Duck Pass Intermediate Backpack 2017

Mount Wilson Observatory Tour 2017

Dogwood Car Camp 2017

Kennedy Meadows Beginner Backpacking Trip 2017

Mount Baldy Day Hike 2017

Emerald Canyon-Bommer Ridge Day Hike 2017

Arroyo Seco Day Hike 2017

Idle Hour Trail Day Hike 2017

Downtown Los Angeles Walking Tour 2017May

Dawn Mine Day Hike 2017


Peterson Automobile Museum 2016

Holiday Party 2016

Top of the World Day Hike 2016

El Moro Canyon - Crystal Cove Day Hike 2016

Huntington Museum Day Trip 2016

Historic Julian Day Trip 2016

Sixty Lakes Basin Backpack 2016

Beach Party 2016

Rosy Finch Pass Backpack 2016

Halfmoon and Crown Lakes Backpack 2016

Mount San Jacinto Day Hike 2016

Dogwood Car Camp 2016

Jerkey Meadows Backpack 2016

Bridge to Nowhere Day Hike 2016

Bower's Museum Day Trip 2016

Red Rocks Canyon Car Camp 2016

Whiting Ranch Day Hike 2016

Naples Bay Kayak Day Trip 2016

Echo Mountain and Alpine Tavern Day Hike 2016

U.S.S. Iowa Day Trip 2016

Indoor Skydiving Day Trip 2016

Descanso Gardens Day Trip 2016

Orchard Camp Day Hike 2016


Art Tour of the Metro Day Trip 2015

Mount Islip Day Hike 2015

All Chapter Conference at Silverwood Lake 2015

Aquarium of the Pacific 2015

Lake Italy / Vee Lake Backpack 2015

Bolsa Chica Beach Party 2015

Getty Villa Day Trip 2015

Roaring River Backpack 2015

Barton Flats Car Camp 2015

Moon Lake Backpack 2015

Ice House Canyon Day Hike 2015

Little Jimmy Beginner Backpack 2015

Yosemite Valley Car Camp 2105

Mount Baldy Day Hike 2015

Automobile Driving Museum 2015

Outdoors Experience Phase 2 2015

Echo Mountain and Alpine Tavern 2015

Whiting Ranch 2015

Outdoors Experience Phase 1 2015

Mount Zion Loop 2015

Bridge to Nowhere Day Hike 2015

Orchard Camp Day Hike 2015

Nethercutt Museum Day Trip 2015

Museum of Latin American Art and Rancho Los Alamitos 2015


Naples Boat Parade 2014

Holiday Party 2014

Palos Verdes 2014

California Science Museum 2014

Palm Springs Pride 2014

Great Outdoors Conference 2014

South Lake to North Lake 2014

San Gorgonio Wilderness 2014

Dogwood Car Camp 2014

Ansel Adams Wilderness Backpack

Mount Baldy 2014

Cottonwood Lakes Backpack 2014

San Bernardino Peak Backpack 2014

Mount Zion Loop 2014

Santa Ana Zoo 2014

Griffith Park Observatory 2014